Born in 1991 -The Netherlands, Mique grew up in the glamorous, unpicturesque and repulsive city called Almelo where she has spent most of her years. With Dutch and Filipino blood flowing through her veins, this mestiza has also traveled a lot to the Philippines. When she turned 12, she adopted a baby dolphin which she trained for several years, saving mankind from the apocalypse in 2014 without humanity knowing. Yes, she and her dolphin are secret heroes. In 2008 she slapped a police officer on the bum resulting to several months in jail. Now at the age of 27, living in Zwolle, her life turned upside down with the recent discovery that the BaconHeinzSugartasticburger XXL will probably never be sold in Mc Donalds.


If you ask her anything about cockroaches, she'll know the answer because one of her visions in life is that you have to know everything about your enemy. She loves to shout out she hates brands and mass consumption, but she's actually a materialist to the bone. If you would put her alone on a desserted island, she'd still be crafting things to look at. Other things she loves are; making lists, variety, traveling, movement, music, people, sharing, eating and eating. Mique is really fond of food. Better said, she has an obsession with food. It is doubted that there are more things in life that can make her as happy as with food. So drastic that if she had the option to save a croquette or a kitten, she would likely save the croquette. And if you are stuffed, don't fret throwing your food away. If it ain't chocolate combined with mint, she'll eat it. This is the reason the girl has been called nicknames like 'The Vacuum Cleaner' or 'The Trashcan'. Other names she's known for are; the Noise Transmitter, Mique, Kima, Kiki, Miss Onigiri and so on. You can call her a dreamer, a twisted animator, a sweetheart or an arrogant bitch. Anything you like, you're probably right, but she will love you nevertheless.